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Welcome Back!

Dear Trinity family: Welcome Back! Trinity Lutheran Church has resumed regular services. Church services are at normal times of 6 PM Saturday and 9 AM Sunday. We are very excited to have everyone back.

For the foreseeable future, social distancing practices will be maintained as much as possible. While social distancing will reduce the number of available seats, every effort will be made to seat everyone that comes to service.

*For the safety of others, use of masks is strongly encouraged.

* Masks will be available if you did not bring one.

*Entering and exiting the church will be done through the Worship entrance (West/Elevator entrance) only.

*Ushers and elders will provide seating instruction as you enter the church. Seating will be in every other pew.

*Appropriate sanitation practices will be used by those preparing and distributing the communion elements.

*The communion distribution process has been modified; communion instructions will be provided by the pastors prior to the service.

*Clean hymnals will be provided to you when you enter the nave. As the number of clean hymnals for each service is limited, we encourage families to share hymnals. Please take the hymnals with you and return them to the cart at the end of the service.

*Following the service, remain in your seats. You will be ushered out of the pews at the end of the service.

We ask that any conversations between parishioners be held out of doors and not at the rear of the nave.

We will continue to record weekly worship on the non communion service. As a result, recorded services will not be available on Youtube until Sunday evening or possibly Monday.

We look forward to seeing each of you in person at church again.

In Christ,
Pastor Renfro
Pastor Groth

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