Your Donations Matter!

Students in our Lutheran schools need your help! The Iowa Lutheran School Tuition Organization is at 35% of its $817,000 goal as of Nov. 1. You have until the end of the year –Dec. 31 – to mail your gift. We know the need is becoming greater – How can you help? Giving is not limited to Lutherans, church members, etc. If you know someone who could benefit from a 65% tax credit, please give them a donor form. Remember the financial benefit to a contributor is a 65% tax credit on Iowa income taxes (which can be carried over for five years) and also a charitable contribution on your federal form. For more information about ILSTO go online to or call Dewey Torkelson at 712-260-2991.

. Print off a donation for here or pick one up in the school or church office! 

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