We are planning for 2020-2021

At Trinity School, the month of April is normally when we start solidifying dates, activities, updates, and new projects for the following school year.  We’ve actually been planning for the next year since the current school year started!  

So, even though April is not as “normal” as it typically has been for us at TLS, we are still solidifying plans for the 2020-2021 school year with great anticipation.  Here are a few planning highlights: 

New learning options – how can we not be looking at ways to expand our student’s learning options?  Our teachers are set to begin additional professional development work on using technology to enhance every students education. Lots of practice is happening currently!

Expanding our Kindergarten classroom – Trinity continues to experience enrollment growth and our Strategic Growth Planning Committee is tackling the issues of how to meet the growth while improving the quality of our programs.  We will address this in Kindergarten by offering two classrooms in 2020-2021.  Since our enrollment has been interrupted by the COVID-19 issues, we are capping the Kindergarten at 24 students and not hiring a second teacher (as was our original plan), but instead providing two rooms for smaller group work, center times, and better teacher-to–student ratios for academic instruction. Mrs. Emily Root will work together with aide, Judie Martenson (also a licensed teacher) to ensure a wonderful year in Kindergarten! We hope to enroll enough Kindergarten students in 2021-2022 to open a second classroom with a second full-time teacher and aide team, add a second first grade the following year, and continue adding classrooms each year.  

Making plans for an addition to the building – How will we fit all the additional classes into our building?  We are hoping to physically expand the school building beginning in the next two-three years.  More details will be shared with everyone in the coming months.  The Strategic Growth Planning Committee (made up of church and school leadership) is researching building options and plans to share ideas once the currently imposed ban on gatherings is lifted.  

New bleachers for our heavily used gymnasium – We are still on track to disassemble the old, wooden bleachers and install new ADA compliant, custom fit new bleachers this summer.  There is still time to help us reach our fundraising goal!  Online DONATION form.  Update on our progress below.