Tuition Assistance: Is it worth filling out the forms?

Trinity and the ILSTO are accepting Tuition Assistance (aka: scholarship) forms for the 2021-2022 school year.  The can be accessed on the school’s website (Click here) or hard copies are available in the school office. 

Is it worth the time it takes to fill-out the form?  

A few stats from the 2020-2021 Tuition Assistance/Scholarship process: 

  • 54 families applied for ILSTO scholarship.  Of those families, 49 received ILSTO awards ranging from $90 up to $1259 per child.
  • 47 families applied for Trinity’s Tuition Assistance, covering 71 students. Of those, 45 families received aid ranging from $250 to $1500 per child.
  • No cost to apply for both ILSTO (need a first class stamp) and TLS tuition assistance (turn it into the school office).  
Where else is an hour or two of your time worth at least $250?