Trunk or Treat Update – Cancelled for 2019

We have unfortunately decided to cancel the Trunk or Treat event this year. We have gotten a lot of feedback regarding the date and time it was scheduled for. The only possible date we could find was on a Friday but it still  conflicted with a wedding rehearsal, volleyball practice and a high school football game. The parking will be limited if not impossible.

The entire weekend is actually heavily booked with the TLS Bags fundraiser event Saturday and the Installation service for Pastor Groth the following day. Please plan to join us for these events instead! 

With the limited time to plan and advertise the event, along with the scheduling conflicts it would be unreasonable to expect much of a turnout. This was not a rash decision, for we carefully thought out and gathered opinions from many people including members of the school board. We also come to realize we have been under a strict time limit to get people signed up for trunks as well as candy donations.  Thank you to those who had signed up and we look forward to bringing this event back in 2020!