Trinity’s TWO Facebook pages will BECOME one.

Trinity Church & School each have their own Facebook pages, and many of the same “friends”.  The two pages provide much of the same content and since joining forces with one website, five years ago, it has become apparent that there would be great benefit in merging our two Facebook pages.  

What would those benefits be?

  1. Activities at both church and school would be listed on one page. 
  2. Recorded services/sermons would be easy to find for everyone! 
  3. We are currently “refreshing” the website and one FB page would allow for the three latest posts to be auto populated onto our website. 
  4. Ease of information sharing between church and school
  5. We are one entity, so let’s do more together! 

Do I have to do anything since I only follow the church or the school?  

No.  You will be moved as a follower to the “new” combined page.  If you do stop seeing updates, maybe double check your friend status and be sure to “like” our new Trinity Lutheran Church & School – Cedar Rapids page.

How long before the pages are merged? 

It will take a little bit of time.  The request was submitted to Facebook.  The time frame could be one-to-two weeks.  Thanks for your patience!  In the meantime, keep viewing and liking our two pages! 

Trinity Lutheran Church PR Committee

Trinity Lutheran School PR Committee