Trinity’s Roofs are OLD!

On Sunday, June 6, information was shared during the church services regarding the immediate need to replace several roofs at Trinity Lutheran Church & School.  Click 2021 Roof project 4 to see all the details that were shared.  We are working quickly to raise the funds needed and would thank everyone who has donated, already! 

Below are questions asked by the Trustees to the T & K Roofing company during the assessment process and evaluation of the roof project.  

  1. What is the lifetime and warranty of the new roofs that would be installed?-The warranty term for each roof replacement is 15 years, but this can be extended to 20 and 25 years with upcharge. Honestly, these new roofs lifespan should be 20+ years without any outside occurrence like a 140 mph derecho.
  2. Do you have a rough date of when you think you’ll be here to work on the roofs?– Right now these installs could take place sometime in June or July. The difficulty in answering this question is two-fold. First, the material is more difficult to get than ever before. Insulations are 6+ months out when normally they are a week or two. The other reason an answer is tough here is because my labor force will be dictated by material availability. I can tell you that T & K is one of the top contractors positioned to handle this material shortage and lengthy lead times and we are going to be fine this Summer compared to other contractors because of our proactive approach, but I can’t make any promises on schedule right now. What I can tell you is that I’ll do everything I can to get this project rolling sooner than later and I’ll be as open and honest with you as we get closer to project start.
  3. How long will the project take and is it possible if we raise much funds, will it be possible to add new roof replacements once you start?– Total project will take 2-3 weeks depending on weather. Depending  on which roofs were added and what phase of the project we were in, others could be added. Ideally, we would know what roofs are part of the project prior to mobilization, but if things popped up during, we would try to make it work. The biggest issue here would likely be material procurement. 
  4. How much advance noticed do you need if we raise extra funds to replace some of the other roofs?– Any notice at all is fine with me. Not to beat the dead horse here, but it would all depend on material availability/etc.. for planning purposes on my end.
  5. There is a drainage issue on Church Roof 3 (over the office area) because the drain sits too high.  Will that be corrected when a new roof is installed?- Yes, I’ve included tapered insulation to promote water drainage instead of flat which is what’s up there now.
  6. They were wondering how much life is left on the church roof between #1 and #3 (West sanctuary)- I took a couple of core samples when I was on the roof and one of those core samples had some moisture in it. Typically moisture poses the biggest problem in a roof system. I would say the roofs life has expired at this point and needs to be replaced. If this roof doesn’t currently leak, I would put 1-3 years on it’s lifespan. The problem is that if moisture is getting into the roof system it will just keep getting worse and you’ll end up with a total roof replacement as well as additional damage below. That’s the long answer… Short answer… It’s out of it’s life span now, but you MIGHT be able to get 1-3 year out of it.