Trinity Tip of the Day Thursday…Registration Fee for 2021-2022

What is it? The Registration Fee replaces what was in the past labeled “consumable fee”.  When the Registration Fee is paid it indicates to TLS that you want a spot in the class reserved for your student.  The fee covers a small portion of your tuition cost (deducted from the $5950), and covers smaller fees the school has charged out separately in the past (i.e. work books, life skills, assignment notebooks).

How much is it? $150 per student

When do I pay it? The official due date was February 16. There is still time to pay the fee and secure your child’s spot, however, we highly recommend paying it as soon as possible.  Currently our enrollment for 2021-2022 is open to new students, and we have one class that is full and several others close to capacity.

How do I pay it? You have three options: 1. Pay it online, click on PAYMENT.  2. Drop-off/mail-in a check to the school office marked Registration Fee and the student’s name.  3. Contact Pat Powell, Business Manager,, and have it added to your Smart Tuition payment.