Trinity Lutheran School Childcare STRIVES to provide quality care…

The TLS Childcare programs serve our Trinity families by providing full time and extended care services.  Our program has continued to grow over the years and we have realized the need for quality care.  We are proud to say we take part in Iowa’s Quality Rating System to raise our quality of care along with other providers across the state.  Last year, we received a 4 Star Quality Rating! 

Our program continues to participate in Paces to Quality annually.  Paces to Quality is a community program dedicated to helping child care providers improve quality care for children.  Participating classrooms are evaluated twice a year according to a nationally recognized scale (ECERS).  The evaluations show growth in different focus areas; we spend most of the year working on an action plan to improve various aspects of our program.  This year we are using the newest (and most difficult) rating scale, ECERS-3. The scale focuses on meaningful interactions between teachers and students throughout the day.  Our fall observation score was the highest of all participating ECERS-3 classrooms at 4.29!  We look forward to improving our score even further by spring!

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