TLS Thursday’s Tip of the Day…Now Enrolling 12 month olds!

We are excited to announce DHS has licensed us to provide care for children starting at 12 months.  TECA (Trinity’s Early Childhood Academy) will have a full-time classroom ready by mid-June for toddlers (12 months-24 months) and continue throughout the school year.  

TECA is a year-round program, and with the shortage in our community of childcare spaces, we wanted to let our all of you know that TECA has spaces available!  Feel free to let your neighbors, friends, and family know that we are currently enrolling 12 month-5 year old, and they can start as early as this summer!  

How does a family enroll their child?  Call: 319-362-6952 x1236 or email:   You can also find the information on our website under TECA.