Strategic Planning Bible Study

Strategic Planning Bible Study – Sunday August 2 and 9 at 10:30 AM.
The Bible is not a how-to manual for strategic planning, but it most certainly gives us our mission, God’s Mission. This study is meant to help you see how strategic planning can be a useful tool for planning and implementing a faithful response to the Lord’s call to carry out His mission through the work of our congregation. It draws on God’s Word and His gifts, and helps us turn this into action for our congregation and you personally. Please join us on either August 2 or 9 right after the service for this 1-hour Bible Class. Material will be available before the class, so you can go through it on your own and bring your observations and questions to class. The meeting will be broadcast live on the web as well for those that cannot be at church on either of the dates. A link will be provided
through a blog post sent to your email. If you are not getting blog posts from our church, you can sign up on our website or call the church office. Follow the link below to get a copy of the Bible Class. Please read through and write your responses. During the Bible Class with the Pastors we will briefly review the material, but more importantly listen to your responses.

There is more to come after the Bible Classes have been completed on Strategic Planning and it will all be open for you to attend. Want to learn more about the total process? (I know I did!) Follow this link to download a nice summary.
We are going to do our best on broadcasting this live on Zoom for those that can not attend in person. Attending in person will provide your best experience, but we understand if that can not happen right
now. A zoom link will be sent out as we approach the date.

If you need help with any of the above, don’t hesitate to call. The sooner the better. 
Thank you,
Ron Solsrud