Strategic Planning Bible Study

It’s not too late to be part of the party.  Here is where we are at: We developed and adopted our Purpose Statement. Know this was meant to be a wordy statement that captures what God’s purpose is for Trinity.

Purpose Statement

Trinity Lutheran Church and School faithfully receives God’s truth, forgiveness, and gifts. We feed the body of Christ through worship and study, preparing each generation to turn to God in praise, thanks, and need. We actively nurture the growth of God’s love in our youth, families, and communities, so that we can share Christ with others through our thoughts, words, and deeds. We then needed to slightly revise our current Mission Statement.  We added “Grow in Christ”, because a lot of our conversation, passion and to put it bluntly, the Holy Spirit’s direction was to GROW Trinity Lutheran Church and School.  So, here it is:

Mission Statement

Know Christ + Grow in Christ + Make Christ known +

We are now working on multiple Vision Statements for each of the Council Boards.  These statements are where we want to be in the future and then we will put together goals to get there.  So, the whole congregation continues to play a vital role in the process to help shape the future of Trinity. 

Steps You Need To Take

We are going to meet on July 4th as a congregation during Bible Class at 10:30 am to continue working on the Vision Statements.  Going forward a group of us will continue to work with the Council Boards to complete the Vision Statements and Goals.  We will keep you posted through the bulletin and email.  In addition, on the last Sunday of every month we will come back and report the progress during Bible Class and ask for input.


Ron Solsrud, Darwin Poock and Pastor Groth

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