Second Quarter Chapel Offerings

Safe Families for Children, the Iowa branch, is the focus of the TLS Chapel Offerings for this quarter (10/28-1/10/2020).  This church based organization takes the concept of Old Testament “hospitality” and supports families in need of a helping hand in the form of childcare, overnight housing, life skills instruction, and encouragement.  One host family shared they cared for a three year old girl while her mom looked for different employment and new place to live.  The mom’s daycare option was no longer viable and this Safe Families for Children host family was able to assist with childcare, at no cost. 

The Iowa branch of Safe Families for Children has a grant that will soon run out and our financial support will help towards securing a full-time administrator to provide critical coordination for families needing Christ-like hospitality and love. 

Remember to send Chapel offering every week with your student and help TLS support a wonderful organization in our community. 

Learn more about Safe Families for Children by clicking HERE