School Parking

September 24, 2108



The police visited Trinity today.

The officer who visited informed me that one of our neighbors on 7th Avenue, the street on which the main entrance to our school is, has complained to the police department that some of our parents are blocking the driveways of residents during after school pick-up time.

Our teachers who are on after school duty this week will be asking you not to block the driveways of our school neighbors.

I’m sharing this with you because I don’t want you getting a $25 parking ticket for blocking someone’s driveway.  Police officers can issue parking tickets for this infraction, but they prefer not to.

Please help with our traffic flow issues:

  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended on 7th Avenue; please use one of the parking lots if you come into the school building.
  • Do not drop off your children in the middle of 7th Avenue; drop them off at curbside or let them out of your vehicle in the parking lot.

While this is about traffic flow and parking, it is more about our students’ safety.


Mark Mueller