PTL sponsored Book Fair canceled

Due to the safety and health of our TLS families, students, and staff, the Parent Teacher League has canceled our much loved Scholastic Book Fair.  This event is a favorite of the students and staff.  The on-site Book Store, where students and staff can make book “wish lists”, will be missed.  There was consideration for offering the Book Fair online this year, however, the benefit for our school library and classrooms was not the same as the in-person Book Fair, so instead, we are encouraging families to purchase books through the Scholastic Book order forms sent home by K-5th grade teachers.  

When a family orders through Scholastic, they can choose their teacher as the recipient of Scholastic points.  Teachers can then order books for their classrooms.  Our middle school and library does not participate in these orders, so we encourage families to reach out to their middle school instructors and ask if there are any literature needs at this time.  

Our TLS Librarian, Mrs. Laura Holt, indicated the TLS Library is well stocked this year and her funding is healthy.  She will miss the fun of the in-person Book Fair and looks forward to it’s return in 2021!