Progress on the Roof Project

The roof replacement donations for Trinity Lutheran Church and School have been coming in and we are very grateful! 

Since last week Thursday, we have received another $8,120! We are moving closer to the project goal of $129,500.  Currently we have raised $32,295 and can complete the replacement of one roof section (five more to go!), and have just under $10,000 towards the next section.  

This could be a daunting fundraiser, but the Trinity community has a track record of pulling-together and getting projects done! We have no doubt that will happen for the roof project.  

We do have a deadline for this fundraiser, July 1.  Several years ago the congregation made a sound financial decision to have all funds raised before starting a major project.  We have secured a roofing contractor to do the work, and now we need to have all the funds raised in time to begin the job.  

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the roof replacement fund.  Leaking roofs are impactful to the ministry work in both the church and school buildings. 

We will keep you updated, on a bi-weekly basis, on our fundraising efforts. 

The Board of Trustees 

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