Notes from PTL-Volunteer opportunities at TLS

PTL has some volunteer opportunities for you! 

  1. Someone to head up and plan the Sweets and Treats shop- On December 17th the PTL is hosting the annual Sweets & Treats Shoppe, immediately following the Pre-K-3rd grade Christmas programs at 2 and 6:30. We are looking for someone to help organize this event.   This would include; deciding on decorations, making sure all supplies are ordered and ready for event and being onsite to help direct volunteers.

**If interest please contact Kelly Eirp @ for more information 

       2. Helpers for the Christmas Shoppe event, December 7, 3-6pm

       3. A photographer to take pictures with Santa at our Christmas Shoppe Event, December 7.

       4. Someone who would like to plan and oversee school community nights.  PTL sponsored fun evenings at local places (i.e. Play Station, Ice Arena, AirFX, Sky Zone, bowling, etc.). This is pretty easy, just takes a few phone calls and coordinating a date then get the PR out to the TLS community and let the fun begin! Proceeds from these evenings go into the PTL’s budget to help with school needs.

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions about what is involved, reach out to Celia Smith at

If you saw the last segment of Mueller’s Minute you heard about the importance of volunteering at our school!

As a PTL officer I have to remind myself that I can not plan, set up and run every event. A few people can not do it all, but if many people take on small tasks, our school’s social and sporting events can continue to be successful. 

Many Parts, One Body…

Celia Smith
President, PTL