Mueller Update on School Cancellations

NOTE:  Please disregard the previous announcements today regarding Wednesday Early Dismissal and 2nd Grade Chapel service.  These were     pre-programmed notifications that sent out automatically.  See the message below from Principal Mueller regarding school cancellations. 

School will be in session on Tuesday, January 29.  Doors will open at 8:05a.m. so parents either drop off your student at Extended Care OR keep them warm in your car until 8:05a.m. 

School is currently scheduled for Thursday, January 31.  IF this changes you will see notification on local TV channels, TLS blog, and our Facebook page. 


Mueller’s Message                                                                                                                                                               January 28, 2019


To have school or not to have school, that is the question!

It has become quite the winter for decision making in regards to whether or not to have school due to inclement weather!

When trying to decide whether or not to have classes due to bad weather numerous things are taken into consideration.

It starts with the forecast which has often proven not to be reliable.  Since Trinity Lutheran School no longer has school buses of its own, we do not have to be concerned with students standing outside in the cold waiting to be picked up.  Additionally, virtually all of our school parents who work outside the home still have to be to their jobs on time regardless of the weather.  Since these parents will be out driving to work anyway, it makes sense to start school on time.

This school year in particular I have really appreciated parents’ support in having their children to school on time when many other schools in the community have had delayed starts or canceled classes.

Remember that Trinity will always be listed separately from the Cedar Rapids Community Schools.  If you don’t see Trinity Lutheran School on the list of cancellations or delays, that means we’re having school as scheduled.

This Wednesday, January 30 we were scheduled to have a half day of school, and we are predicted to have life threatening cold temperatures this Wednesday with a predicted high of -16 degrees.   Trinity Lutheran School will NOT have classes this Wednesday, January 30, nor will Child Care be offered.

 Stay warm!


Mark Mueller