Healthy Snack Sale

We are having the  Healthy Snack Sale on Thursday, May 19th. 

Each month, a healthy snack sale is held during the school day.  Students from 2 classes will be responsible for supplying the money for snacks.  You will be notified by the homeroom teacher if your class is responsible for donations. Please donate what you can afford for snacks. We recommend $5, but any amount is sufficient.  Our Cafeteria Team will take the snack cart from room to room on that day.    

All snacks are 50 cents and each student is allowed to buy up to 2 items during the school day. 

Due to strict government regulations, we are ordering these items from an approved source with a HUGE and FUN variety of treats to choose from. Please do not bring your own snacks as we will be unable to use them.

All money collected from the Healthy Snack Sale and any unused donation money will be given to the host class. Monies collected will help cover costs of the host class eighth grade class trip. Example, the host class is Kindergarten, the money collected will be saved each year until that class reaches 8th grade, and then used to help defer costs for their class trip.

If you have any questions, please contact your homeroom teacher.