Happy 100th Birthday LWML!

The first Sunday in October is traditionally set aside for the observation of LWML Sunday. “Faith Like a Mustard Seed” is the theme for LWML Sunday, October 6, 2019, based on Jesus’ words in Luke 17:6 that faith as small as a mustard seed can move a mulberry tree. We may long for a greater and more heroic faith, but what about the faith we have right now? LWML Sunday celebrates the power of a daily walk with Jesus to transform lives and multiply disciples. Little faith or great, there are mulberry trees to be moved!

The quilts on the pews you will see this weekend were made by our Trinity ladies for Lutheran World Relief.  Where did the Lutheran World Relief quilts go in 2018?  Many churches donated a total of 323,610 quilts; 8,784 blankets; 216,430 school kits; 119,865 personal care kits; 11,890 fabric kits; and 64,445 baby care kits that were sent to 25 countries and 601,144 beneficiaries.

LWML Invitation