FREE Smart Money Live stream with Dave Ramsey & Chris Hogan!

As part of its annual stewardship program, the Trinity Board of Stewardship is pleased to offer this 3-hour webinar event on Thursday, November 15, from 6:45-9:45 PM in the school band room. Dinner provided at 6:00 (Zio Johno’s!) by the Board of Stewardship.

–          Are your finances out of control?

–          Is the paycheck-to-paycheck life leaving you panicked and insecure?

–          Is debt keeping you from achieving your financial goals?

–          Are you worried about your future?

If so, Smart Money will give you the momentum you need to get you on the road to biblical financial wellness. In one night, Dave Ramsey (creator of Financial Peace University) will be joined by best-selling author and retirement expert Chris Hogan to teach you the seven-step plan that has helped millions get out of debt, build wealth, and retire with dignity. We will stream this San Antonio event live and learn together…and, it’s free! Young couples, older couples, singles, young adults and teens, or graduates of Financial Peace University…everyone…is welcome! Register for the class at If needed, please see Tracy Freeze or Susan Benya for more information. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity! Note: Due the time frame of this event, we are not able to provide childcare.