It was previously communicated that E-Registration will open up July 14th.  We were notified of an upgrade taking place the month of July but we do not know of the specific date. Due to this upgrade, E-Registration will be ready to open on August 10th instead of July 14th.  A reminder blog will be sent.

Power School is our student information system.  All families must complete the E-Registration system within Power School.

What does this information provide?

  • Updated address and phone numbers
  • Emergency contact information
  • Permission authorizations –  Students will not be able to participate in some activities if this is not completed!

All families must complete E-Registration by Friday, August 21st.  

Any questions may be directed to the school office via email to School Secretary, Dana Freymark at freymarkd@trinitycr.org or by phone at 319-362-6952 x227.   The school office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm.