COVID-19 Impact on Trinity Worship

During this season of uncertainty, we definitely understand if you do not attend worship. Many of our members feel it is better to stay home and avoid groups. As I write this, it is uncertain how we will handle worship services even this week. We will keep you updated as we try to figure out the best way to protect our members without neglecting their spiritual needs.

Our financial obligations don’t change, even in these trying times. We still need to pay our pastors and other staff. We recently added new options to donate through our website or through the GivePlus smart phone app. You can use either one to schedule an automatic donation that works for you. You can also mail your donation to the church office. We hope you’ll continue to remember Trinity in your prayers, and with your offerings.

Together we’ll get through this, just as we have gotten through crises in the past:  leaning on the Lord and resting in His love.