Choir-2nd & 3rd Grades

TLS Students & Parents in Grades 2/3:
This Sunday, November 4, TLS students in grades 2/3 are scheduled to sing at 9 a.m. worship at Trinity Lutheran Church. The students have several musical offerings prepared that include harp accompaniment, sign language, and a special surprise to be revealed on Sunday! Continental breakfast including bagels, muffins, cookies, fruit, and beverages (including chocolate milk!) will be enjoyed after worship. Bible class for adults and Sunday school for children ages preschool through high school is offered from 10:30-11:30 a.m. If your student can participate, please don your best Sunday duds and arrive at the church sanctuary at 8:45 a.m. to warm-up. Third grade students who participate will receive 25 extra credit Choir points toward their quarterly letter grade in Choir (2nd graders do not receive a letter grade in Choir). 
Please note that this event is optional and not required for any student. If you have a home church, please be sure to be aware of and fulfill any home church commitments before participating in worship at TLC. The extra credit awarded to third graders is not required for an “A” in Choir if students are otherwise participating in Choir as instructed.
Please also note that Saturday, November 3 is fall back! Please be sure to turn clocks back one hour on this evening.