TLS Tip of the Day

Posted on: February 18th, 2021 by Jodi Jonasson | No Comments

You are going to be hearing from the school office on Thursdays with a “tip” on all things TLS.  

Today’s Tip of the Day…Scholarship applications. 

Why should I apply for TLS scholarships? We have Trinity scholarships so we can look at a broader criteria than the ILSTO does. We have always weighted our scholarship formulas to account for larger families, along with other factors that the ILSTO doesn’t account for. The ILSTO requirements are set by the state, and they will not be expanding their criteria for awards, but we will be able to consider additional information provided by a families application and completed 2020 tax filings. No cost to apply.  Just a little time to fill-out paperwork and a copy of the 2020 Form 1040 (both sides) and Schedule 1. 

What about the ILSTO scholarship? The ILSTO (Iowa Lutheran Student Tuition Organization) scholarship is also FREE to apply for, and benefits families who have financial need.  This scholarship looks at tax filing income level and tuition cost. 

Where do I get the application forms? In the school office or on the school website under Admissions/Scholarships.  Click HERE and save some time! 

What is the deadline for applying?  April 23, 2021 for both Trinity and ISTO Scholarship forms. 

What if I have questions?  We have provided who and how to contact the ILSTO and TLS on the instruction page of the packet.

When will we hear about scholarship awards?  Mid-May.  Parents will be notified by mail or email of their total ILSTO and Trinity Scholarship awards.