Joining in God’s Mission: Strategic Planning for our Congregation

Posted on: November 18th, 2020 by Jessica Kinney | No Comments

Joining in God’s Mission will be held during Bible Study – Starting Sunday November 29 nd @ 10:30 AM. Everyone is encouraged to come! Joining in God’s Mission provides a comprehensive approach for guiding our congregation through the strategic planning process. Starting with principles of strategic planning that are widely used in the secular realm, Joining in God’s Mission tailors the strategic planning process and its outcomes for Lutheran congregations. The overall goal of Joining in God’s Mission is to assist congregational leaders with developing a strategic planning mindset that goes beyond putting a plan together to integrating a Strategic Ministry Plan into the planning and management of their congregation’s ministry and business. The desired outcomes of Joining in God’s Mission include:
• A working knowledge of the strategic planning process and its supporting tools
• Consensus for strategic planning among key influencers in the congregation
• Commitment to develop and execute a Strategic Ministry Plan
• Enough trained, equipped, and motivated members to lead the congregation through the strategic
planning process
• A realistic, effective Strategic Ministry Plan
The meetings will be broadcasted live on the web as well for those that cannot be at church. A link will be provided through a blog post sent to your email. If you are not getting blog posts from our church, you can sign up on our website or call the church office. Want to learn more about the total process? Click here a nice summary.
If you need help with any of the above, don’t hesitate to call. The sooner the better.
Thank you,
Pastor Groth and Ron Solsrud