Hot Pockets Are Back!

Posted on: October 15th, 2020 by Dana Freymark | No Comments

Hot Pockets are back! Are you looking for a way to help support your children, teachers and staff? With the new guidelines this year, we have moved our Hot Pocket program digital! Each teacher has created their own Amazon Wish list to allow you to easily view the needs your children have, and the easy ways to you can thank the people that work with your children every day by just clicking “Add to Cart.” 

Each teacher will provide you with a link to their Hot Pocket list, once you access the link, it will always be available when you access ‘Your Lists’ and then choose ‘Your friends’.  The teachers and staff will manage their lists throughout the year, constantly updating them to allow you ideas for birthdays, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Days, etc. 

Purchasing from a list is very easy, once you have accessed the list you can browse the details of all the items on the list.

To purchase from a list:

  1. Browse the registry.
    You can sort list items by title, date, price, priority or purchased status by choosing the desired option from the Sort and Filter pull-down menus.
  2. Click Add to Cart or Buy with 1-Click.
    • You can click these buttons from the list page or product detail pages. When you order, the item will be moved to the Purchased section of the recipient’s list.
    • If you place your order through the Shopping Cart instead of 1-Click, you can enter a gift message and request gift-wrap.
  3. Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.
    • Only the registrant’s name and city will appear on the default address to protect the privacy of the list owner.

Should you see something on a list that you want to purchase locally and send to school with your child, this is no problem! All you need to do is access the list and click the “Buying this elsewhere” link next to the item to indicate that it has been purchased and remove it from the list. 

Using will also ensure that a portion of the funds you spend on Amazon come back to Trinity, so make sure you bookmark and choose Trinity Lutheran Church as your chosen charity. 

You should see an email from your child’s teachers and the staff too!  Thank you for all you do to help support the school and the amazing people that brighten the hearts and minds of our children each day. 

Thank you,

Shelley Rose, 

Parent Teacher League President