Concerning Holy Communion

Posted on: March 30th, 2020 by Jessica Kinney | No Comments
Fellow saints, God’s peace and light be with you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our Synod’s Commission on Theology and Church Relations (CTCR) has published a statement reflecting upon the challenges of the administration of Holy Communion during this time of social distancing because of the coronavirus.  Pastor Renfro and Pastor Groth, with Trinity’s Board of Elders, commend this statement to you for your consideration and welcome your feedback and questions.

Should you desire private Communion at any time, please contact the church office and leave a message, contact Jessica’s cell 310-7613, or one of our pastors directly to arrange this. We are delighted to visit you where you live or, if you prefer, you may come to church.  As Holy Week approaches, other opportunities for receiving Communion (within the 10-person directive of Iowa’s governor) are being discussed by the Board of Elders.

We hold you before the Lord in our prayers day by day.  The Lord be with you!