Non Public Transportation Reimbursement Form

Posted on: March 27th, 2019 by Dana Freymark | No Comments

The non-public reimbursement claim forms have been sent home with students today.  If you have multiple students that attend Trinity, the form will be sent home with the youngest child.

The non-public transportation reimbursement claim is the way by which parents of children attending a non-public school, or school districts, may get reimbursed for at least a part of their transportation costs.  The funding for this program is appropriated by the legislature from the State of Iowa’s general fund.  The program is mandated by Iowa Code section 285.1(14), which states: “Resident pupil attending a nonpublic school located either within or without the school district of the pupil’s residence shall be entitled to transportation on the same basis as provided for resident public school pupils under this section.”

Some important highlights to note:

  • Please include all students in your household on one application. K-8 students only; preschool students are not eligible.
  • A parent or guardian who transports one or more family members more than four miles to their nonpublic school is eligible to submit an application.
  • Only one application submitted per child.
  • Applications must be submitted to Trinity School Office no later than Monday, April 8, 2019.

If you need another copy of the reimbursement form please click the link below for your school district in which you currently reside.

Cedar Rapids Community School District

College Community School District

Linn Mar Community School District

Marion Independent School District