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Becky Grossmann - LBT


Becky will visit Trinity on the weekend of October 19-20!
Some background information about Becky...

Becky Grossmann was first introduced to the work of Bible translation as a young girl, when her mom encouraged her to pray for missionary friends in Bolivia and Papua New Guinea.  Becky became passionate that all people needed to hear the Good News about Jesus, her best friend and savior, and was shocked that so many people in the world did not have Bibles.  How could they know about Jesus without his word in their language!  Through this realization, God put on her heart to follow the footsteps of these missionary friends and train to work with Bible translation projects.

After graduating from Concordia University (then College), St. Paul, Becky attended the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Dallas (now the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics) eventually earning a Masters in Linguistics.  She began serving with LBT in 1985 and was first assigned as an Assistant to the Language Program Manager in Liberia, West Africa.  After this initial assignment, she became the manager for a short time before being assigned as translation adviser to the Bandi people of Liberia in 1989.

The civil war in Liberia delayed the project several times as Becky evacuated to Sierra Leone and the U.S. for lengthy periods.  During one such period, she met and married Al Grossmann.  Becky and Al returned to Liberia and the translation for the Bandi people was completed in 1996.

Since returning to the States in 1996, Becky dedicated her efforts into raising four children - Luke, Andrew, Micaiah, and Aletheia - while Al continued with LBT in the vernacular media department and then eventually worked in various secular positions.

With the family circumstances changing and great changes in technology used in translation projects, Becky began inquiring about serving LBT again to bring God's word to Bibleless people through her skills and passion.  She traveled to Liberia in July 2012 to conduct two language surveys.  In January 2013, Becky was appointed into missionary service with LBT.  She will be involved with various translation projects in Liberia, particularly for the Gola and Dan people.

The translation work will be done by teams of Gola and Dan translators, while Becky assists via the Internet and Skype with occasional in-person visits to Liberia. An online platform attaining the input of many Gola and Dan people scattered outside of Liberia, is in its early stages of development and has the potential to revolutionize translation projects around the world.