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Liberia - Current Project

We are currently looking at ways to bring a Liberian child named Thinking to the US for surgery.  Shriners Hospitals for Children will do the surgery at no cost; however, we will need to raise funds to get her to the US, for therapy after the surgery, and and living expenses while she is here.

Our GoFundMe page is up and running.
Click here for details and to make a donation.  

How You Can Help:
  • Share the link to the GoFundMe page on  your own Facebook feed
  • Donate if you can, in any amount
  • Pray for Thinking and her doctors

Donations made for this purpose are not tax deductible under IRS regulations, since they benefit a specific person.  Even if you write a check to Trinity for this purpose, it is not tax deductible.  You probably don't donate just for tax benefits, but we do want you to know. 
                                                                                                                                              Thinking lives in Liberia

Questions? Contact Irene Reinking at 319-551-8437.

More information about the mission of the Liberian partnership, and what we've already done.