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Liberia Partnership

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Who We Are:  Trinity Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids is a member church of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). 

In 2013, LCMS convention delegates overwhelmingly affirmed altar and pulpit fellowship between the Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia (ELCL). Trinity is partnering with ELCL churches in Liberia. 

Our Mission:  To Know Christ, To Make Christ Known

Why We're Doing It: After the 14-year civil war in Liberia, the education system was destroyed. The literacy rate dropped below 32%. School enrollment declined from over 72% to 32% for girls, and from 73% to 48% for boys. Parents were forced to send children out to become breadwinners for their families.

We are focusing on education to help Liberians lift themselves out of poverty.  To do this, we're helping rebuild churches and elementary schools to promote education in Liberia. 

How Are Donations Used?
  • To purchase tools to allow Liberians to rebuild schools and to make school furniture.
  • To purchase sewing machines, fabric and generators to allow Liberians to make school uniforms
  • To purchase school books and school supplies
  • To pay for the cost of shipping and distribution of donations in Liberia

What We're Doing:
  • Fall 2013: Trinity Lutheran Church and School collected shoes and clothing, which were shipped to Liberia via the Orphan Grain Train.
  • January 2014: Trinity members Irene Reinking and Harrison Kpartipa traveled to Liberia.
  • December 2014: Trinity and Trinity Lutheran in Tipton, IA worked together to ship a 40-foot shipping container packed with a Chevy Suburban SUV,
    450 boxes of clothing, shoes, medical supplies, health items, books, bed sheets, school supplies, over 500 soccer balls, and more. We also sent bicycles, crutches, chain saws, tools, 16 sewing machines, and a saw mill.
  • March-April 2015: The shipping container arrived in Liberia. Harrison traveled to Liberia to distribute the donations, including delivering the 500 donated soccer balls to at least 15 schools.  He helped put the 16 sewing machines into action. 
  • Now:  we are gathering donations for another shipment! Current project information
How You Can Help:
Irene and Harrison are available for photo presentations. Below are some of the photos they took while they were in Liberia.

Liberia 2014